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MACMILLAN LEARNING      2011 – 2020

stem art development manager, digital illustrator/animator, ebook design, compositor

As the STEM Art Development Manager, I groomed each assignment, collecting all necessary data, to make completion easier for my team. I reviewed each team member's draft for accuracy, accessibility, and style adherence. I handle all urgent assignments to completion. I created style guides, headed team meetings, and provided insight to data asset management, content management, and permissions processes. I communicated with all levels of production, including contractors, vendors and stakeholders.
As a Digital Artist, I created art to specification for STEM, meeting all project deadlines and parameters. In fact, I completed twice as many assignments than anyone on my team. I worked on Proclamation 2014 and 2015, the Sapling Learning digital dynamic books for high school. I created the layouts and composed all books, including the additions of interactive labs, videos and animations. I worked tirelessly to learn the software and to meet each milestone on time. 


art buyer

I participated in all project meetings. I wrote “specs” and procured artists that met the project scope and aesthetic. I made corrections to existing art, and created in-house art when time allowed. I managed and tracked all art, existing and commissioned, through various databases. I assisted in budget creation, as well as writing and processing contracts. I assisted fellow employees with new software and trained and managed vendors. I often updated processes to create best practices. I handled multiple projects at once, meeting all deadlines and budget limitations.


senior designer/illustrator

I worked closely with the University of Texas Student Associations to design publicity elements for various events, focusing on recruiting new students. I designed and produced the Informal Classes brochure

throughout the year, delivered around town. I designed advertising for the Cactus Cafe weekly, posted around campus, in the cafe and the Austin Chronicle. I designed and created promotional elements for the Union Underground and Texas Union special events, including the mascot, which was made into a stuffed character.

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